Some kick ass blog posts from last week #2.

Reading Time: 2 minutesHello everyone and thanks for the positive feedback from the previous part of this weekly summary, I am really happy the format suits you and really hope it’s useful for you. So, the posts I picked for this week are: This interview with Jerry Weinberg was as awesome as it possibly could, as in everything Jerry Weinberg always provokes thinking and analysis over ones way of testing and general understanding over testings philosophy. I strongly recommend it and one really […]

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Some kick ass blog posts from last week #1.

Reading Time: 2 minutesI decided to do this sort of weekly review, summary, reading recommendations weekly blog post, in order to give the other readers the opportunity to gain more knowledge in what I read and because I believe one of the things I am best at is reading and passing the knowledge to my fellow team mates, so that’s one for the community and just to give the opportunity to real good posts by fellow bloggers to reach bigger audience. So the […]

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Skill set of a software tester – pt2.

Reading Time: 7 minutesIn the first part of this post, I commented the importance of technical or so-called “hard skills” and in this one here, we move to the left side or branch of our mind map – the soft skills, also known as human skills. What are soft skills? How they add value to your testing skill set? The phrase “soft skills” normally relates to that part of your skill set that concerns your communication, leadership, analytical, organisational and self motivation skills. […]

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Skill set of a software tester – pt1.

Reading Time: 5 minutesI decided to mind map the skills needed to be a let’s say “the best software tester” in a perfectly designed world. Of course, i don’t imply all of them are obligatory, and after all it’s all my subjective view. Software tester’s skill set – mind map. Definitions. Here I will explain (and I will try to be short, or more likely, struggle to be short) why I picked these specific skills and why are they essential, what did I […]

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Bug hunt. Bugs in real life – Sleepbot.

Reading Time: 2 minutesIn these series of short blog posts I intend on showing some bugs in applications I use – web or mobile and how I got them. This week’s winner is – Sleepbot. One thing I need to say – I don’t try to commercialize anything, I don’t try to get credit for anything related to those apps, normally they are free to download and I am just documenting what I’ve found from user/tester perspective. I normally wont dive into what […]

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Linux foundation starts new free course along with EDX

Reading Time: 1 minuteLinux foundation and EDX are releasing the course called “Introduction to Linux”.  The course was paid until now and this is it’s first start as a part of the EDX and it will be totally free. According to the description the course will start in the third quater of the year and will cover basic knowledge over the three main OS Linux families. The goals of the course will be: Indtroduction to Linux’s three biggest OS families. Good knowledge and ability to […]

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A few thoughts in the last hours of year 2013

Reading Time: 3 minutesNormally I’m writing technical articles in my blog or at least try to keep them as technical as I can, but since it’s the last day of the year I just wanted to summarize what was important for me during the last year, what  would I take with me in the next year and what would I leave behind, what did I learn. Whoa, it was quite a journey this year, but I could honestly say it was the most […]

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Improve your lame security part 1: Browsers

Reading Time: 2 minutesI’ve had enough, I’m tired of reading people’s nonsense about how they got “hacked” so they had to switch their Facebook account or Skype or whatever. As a person involved in the IT area I feel it like an obligation to give some directions to people who probably take their first steps in working with new technologies or are just not so interested. I will start a small series of articles focusing on some common mistakes users make that expose […]

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