Some kick ass blog posts from last week #3

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Here’s the new portion of blog posts from the last week:

  • This wonderful interview with Dan Billing is a great source of inspiration, Dan is passionate in security and penetration testing and gives some really good insight on what is important for the skill set of the software tester.
    People in Testing Interview with Dan Billing
  • One really interesting post reminding us what makes 2016 different from the past 3 years – it is leap. Which means – great opportunity for us to face some weird, but quite predictable bugs  with date time, server times and so on. So, keep that one in mind, I bet there will be some interesting bugs coming.
    2016 – for testing it’s that kind of year, again, again
  • Great interview from Joe Colontonio with the creator of Appium, mobile testing framework, I think the talk gives great insight on how mobile and mobile testing developed, definitely something interesting to listen to.
    Dan Cuellar: Creator of Appium – How to Test Mobile Apps
  • I love psychology and a variety of humanitary disciplines, that’s why I consider this post by TestSheepNZ on the MacGuffin effect in testing, a great piece of knowledge. I strongly recommend it, awesome article!
    Peer 102: The MacGuffin effect in testing …
  • New, exciting and full of inspiration is the January edition of Women Testers magazine. I enjoyed reading it. Great article  on usability testing from Dolly Pente with a really detailed explanation of how she managed to get herself prepared to evaluate product’s usability when she had, too. Great inspirational posts also from Meglena Ivanova,  Maaret Pyhäjärvi and Jean Ann Harrison.
  • Something really interesting from Meike Mertsch on exploratory testing while writing code, which is really intriguing topic, to show that using automated actions in order to benefit your testing, doesn’t necessarily has to be dumb, mindless activity.
    Exploratory testing while writing code
  • Another interesting article reviews new Yahoo’s trend on not using testing department anymore, but an approach called “coding with a net”. Read Chris Kenst‘s opinion on that.
    Coding Without a Net
  • Another great proof how clever people gain advantage in testing by applying previously learned knowledge from other areas and this way improve their expertise and drive the whole community to progress. Excellent article on notes taking in army and in software testing, full of great resources and advises by Danny Dainton.
  • Another great post by Anton Angelov on design patterns used in automation, this one is dedicated to specification design pattern. Anton has a whole series on most popular design patterns and I strongly recommend it if you really want to dive deeper in some code writing.
    Specification Design Pattern in Automated Testing
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That’s it for this week! Hope it was helpful and interesting!

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