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This might seem like a weird thing to have on a blog – normally companies have mission, vision or whatever. I’ve been in testing for more than half a decade, I don’t pretend to be a big deal, anyway I do claim I have an opinion and I am not scared to defend it.

By reading my blog we sign a non-formal contract, here’s what is my promise as a side of this contract.

By being a testing blogger or blogging tester, I promise I will try to provide my timely, accurate, pragmatic view of testing or what I’ve learned, read or heard during my testing career.

I promise I won’t give you shit, no matter how hard tool vendors, manipulators or simply people who decided to keep the low profile try to feed you with it.

I promise my stance on testing will always be to prove that the core asset of testing, its essence, its “spine”, is human intelligence and nothing can currently replace that. In that context, terms like “manual testing” and “automated testing” are not really helping describe the essence of testing.

I promise the integrity of my ideas or the ideas that I agreed with are more important for me than anything else. I’d probably have more followers, or readers or conference invitations if I tried to speak and write what people want to hear. Anyway, I’d never do that, my integrity and the right to speak my free mind is more important to me than anything. In short – I wont sell my ass for fame, to anyone, ever!

My mission in testing is to provide my unique view of testing as human centric, intelligence driven, investigative activity. There is no easy answers in testing, but there’s many complicated questions. I won’t be scared or intimidated to deal with them.

Hope you join the journey!