Some kick ass blog posts from last week #1.

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I decided to do this sort of weekly review, summary, reading recommendations weekly blog post, in order to give the other readers the opportunity to gain more knowledge in what I read and because I believe one of the things I am best at is reading and passing the knowledge to my fellow team mates, so that’s one for the community and just to give the opportunity to real good posts by fellow bloggers to reach bigger audience.

So the winners for this week are:

I am really excited by Docker, I am subscribed for the Docker newsletter, so anything that has some new exciting use of Docker or has Docker and is testing related is going to be in here, so here’s 3 good posts on Docker and its probable uses in testing:

Integration test with Docker

How the ThreadFix Team Uses Docker for QA and Support

JUnit integration testing with Docker and Testcontainers

Really interesting article by Katrina on refactoring legacy code, and for me personally – great introduction to the Coding Dojo methodology, quite new for me, but definitely very interesting and something I will come back to in future.

An approach to refactoring test automation

This guy deserves applause for the hard work he has done on writing a whole automation framework for ordering in Amazon, in order to show how it looks all together. The article is part of a series, I strongly recommend you reading all of them if you want to know how all the little pieces in automation are tied together, really good read:

See also  Hindsight lessons about automation: Interfaces

Automate Amazon: Initializing Login and Cart

Next two posts were a reaction to a very bold statement from Bob Marshal, that “2016 might be the year we no longer need testers”, so I think he got his response quite well 🙂

Questioning The Premise Of Testing

Why I am tired of having to justify testing’s existence …

Great article, relates test automation and a book called “Cybernetics and Management”, has some really good quotes and conclusion based on the material in the book, really good.

Test Automation in Cybernetics And Management

Not quite a testing or programming related post, but since I am a tech geek and I bet you are, it’s a cool article, it has a video in it, too. It’s about a company creating a drone able to carry a human inside, it looks quite fascinating and futuristic so I decided to drop it here.

The EHang 184 Is A Human-Sized Drone Taking Off At CES

That’s it for last week, see you next Monday. 🙂


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