Skill set of a software tester – pt1.

Reading Time: 5 minutesI decided to mind map the skills needed to be a let’s say “the best software tester” in a perfectly designed world. Of course, i don’t imply all of them are obligatory, and after all it’s all my subjective view. Software tester’s skill set – mind map. Definitions. Here I will explain (and I will try to be short, or more likely, struggle to be short) why I picked these specific skills and why are they essential, what did I […]

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QAshido – The path of the tester.

Reading Time: 3 minutesIntroduction. At first sight the title of this post might look a bit strange, but here is what’s the story. I really wanted to capture the skill set of a tester that I believe is the ultimate one, the one that causes the big “Wow” when people get to know you.And in first place it was an advice on what skills are needed if you want to get hired as a QA and have a successful career in the IT […]

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