Manual testing has no future, manual testing has no past. It never existed!

Reading Time: 4 minutesIn case I never stated it clearly enough on the pages of my blog, because I am normally saying this when I speak at  conferences – I absolutely disagree with the existence and the usefulness of the term “manual testing”. I truly believe testing has never been manual, nor it will ever become. I am ready to go further – I will challenge anyone defending the usefulness of the term manual testing to share why does he or she thinks […]

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Best practices in testing and Galenic medicine

Reading Time: 3 minutesI try to go to a lot of testing conferences, I think it’s a good way to try to shift your perspective to a higher level by comparing your understandings with someone else’s and challenge them. There’s hardly a single conference, where no one will mention use of best practices in testing or best practices in test automation.   What are best practices in testing? To me, it looks like best practices are mostly a way for a person to […]

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Learning testing by teaching others: one year of lessons

Reading Time: 6 minutesI am a strong believer that the best way to learn something is to try teach it to somebody else, even if this way you risk embarrassing yourself and/or look stupid. That’s why I started the mentoring section of my blog and that’s how my passion to teaching was born. It’s been a year, so far,  since I started being a part-time lecturer in a local academy for software testing, called Pragmatic. It was a great time and I am […]

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Software testing is… part 2 – rooted in social science

Reading Time: 8 minutesThis is the second part of the series software testing is, based on the mind map I provided in the initial post, you can take a look here: I bet that big part of the readers of this blog will be puzzled by the presence of the words software and social science in the same sentence and that’s OK. Here’s how it goes. The current state of thinking about software testing. When I was a newbie, not that I consider […]

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Software testing is.. part 1 – exploratory.

Reading Time: 4 minutesIt’s been a while since my last blog post, I took a long break for the summer, but I am still not done with figuring out what software testing is. Just as a quick overview of what happened until now, the basic idea behind all of that was that I am still seeing people being able to recognize what software testing is not, what doesn’t belong to software testing, but when it comes to define testing or describe what software […]

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Organic testing

Reading Time: 5 minutesNote: Before I start this, I want to share the story how it came to my mind. I was working on the Lightning talk – “The hidden wisdom of the testing troll” and I actually made it as a joke, using all the public buzz that all organic food offer. When I thought about it, testing is organic in it’s nature. So, I decided it’s worth it to split that topic in a separate post. It’s also worth it to […]

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Some kick ass blog posts from last week #12

Reading Time: 2 minutesAnd we are going back to some kick ass blog posts from the last week: Another great article by James Christie on a book called “The utopia of rules”, by David Graeber. The article makes cross references between the book and some testing issues, that James addressed in the past in some of his talks in CAST and other conferences. From what I’ve red in the article so far, I definitely  want to take a look on the book. David […]

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Outdated testing concepts #2

Reading Time: 5 minutesLink to part one: Outdated testing concepts #1 This week’s outdated concept will be dedicated to the “quality guardian” or “The gatekeeper to our product’s success”. Outdated concept # 2: The holy guardian of quality. The first stereotype that was branded in my brain, in the first months I started working as a tester was: “QA is the person responsible for product’s quality” and “Your job is to prevent bugs from being released in production” or “Your job is to test the […]

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Outdated testing concepts #1

Reading Time: 3 minutesEnd of the previous year and the beginning of the current one are normally the time we are determined to make new year’s resolutions, which most of the times turn to be big, fat lies, but anyway. I am not writing this to make resolutions, but to set goals. And we as a testing community have a lot of work to do in order to progress, since our craft was, as James Bach called it, “in perpetual childhood” for more […]

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Skill set of a software tester – pt1.

Reading Time: 5 minutesI decided to mind map the skills needed to be a let’s say “the best software tester” in a perfectly designed world. Of course, i don’t imply all of them are obligatory, and after all it’s all my subjective view. Software tester’s skill set – mind map. Definitions. Here I will explain (and I will try to be short, or more likely, struggle to be short) why I picked these specific skills and why are they essential, what did I […]

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