Skill set of a software tester – pt1.

Reading Time: 5 minutesI decided to mind map the skills needed to be a let’s say “the best software tester” in a perfectly designed world. Of course, i don’t imply all of them are obligatory, and after all it’s all my subjective view. Software tester’s skill set – mind map. Definitions. Here I will explain (and I will try to be short, or more likely, struggle to be short) why I picked these specific skills and why are they essential, what did I […]

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Bug hunt. Bugs in real life – Sleepbot.

Reading Time: 2 minutesIn these series of short blog posts I intend on showing some bugs in applications I use – web or mobile and how I got them. This week’s winner is – Sleepbot. One thing I need to say – I don’t try to commercialize anything, I don’t try to get credit for anything related to those apps, normally they are free to download and I am just documenting what I’ve found from user/tester perspective. I normally wont dive into what […]

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Learning Linux as a tester.

Reading Time: 5 minutesI’ve been a Linux user for a while and I’ve been a tester for a while and I always thought that the two are basically connected and since I am mostly testing in Linux environment right now I decided to state publicly my opinion on why learning Linux is vital for testers and how they could benefit from this. Why is learning Linux is important for you as a tester? We all switch positions occasionally and when we find a […]

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Types of testers in software industry.

Reading Time: 7 minutesI was thinking recently about my career and how it evolved as well as what types of testers I met in the software domain. And I figured out that I can split them in several groups based on what their “philosophy of testing” is looking like. Now, I don’t want to label anyone, this are just my personal observations and to be honest I’ve walked through some of these roles in my experience. So, we could consider this as my […]

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Testing like Dr. House.

Reading Time: 5 minutesI had time to revisit the show House M.D. recently and while watching it I found out how much a tester has to learn from Dr. House. So I’ve picked up some of my favorite House-isms, that I believe are relevant for my career as a tester, and might be helpful in yours. “Casual cases are boooring”. I’m a strong fighter against the habits, the cliches, the unified approach of doing things in life in general. You probably recall how […]

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QAshido – The path of the tester. Virtue #7: “Trust no one” attitude.

Reading Time: 4 minutes  This is the last article of this topic and I really enjoyed writing these series, they did surprised me a lot some of the topics came in a different way, that I imagined. And of course these 7 points or virtues, as I first called them, are just my viewpoint, I don’t consider them to be right or I think it’s just that. I think it’s much more complicated than that, but I will let you figure it out […]

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QAshido – The path of the tester. Virtue #6: Puzzle solving mindset.

Reading Time: 4 minutesLink to QAshido – The path of the tester. Virtue #5: Attention to the detail. Testing as well as development has it’s part in problem solving and puzzle solving activities on daily basis. It will be naive to think that the devs only have that ability. Of course, we can not compare the job that a dev would do in creating an efficent and fast algorithm for operating big amounts of data or machine learning algorithm, but we testers need to do some puzzle […]

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QAshido – The path of the tester. Virtue #5: Attention to the detail.

Reading Time: 4 minutesLink to QAshido – The path of the tester. Virtue #4: Personal management skills.   We might claim with a good certainty that attention to detail is pure QA skill. It is what defines us as professionals and it is probably that testing buzzword you will see in almost every job application you open. So what’s attention to detail? Well for some this might be the most annoying job at all, it includes a lot of arguing, a lot of research, […]

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QAshido – The path of the tester. Virtue #4: Personal management skills.

Reading Time: 5 minutesLink to QAShido – The path of the tester. Virtue # 3 – Team management. Couple of words… I believe with this article we dive into one other aspect of professional development more oriented in the part “What should I have within me” instead of “what should I do to progress”. And it’s about passion, it’s about loving what you do, loving who you are and most of all being comfortable with all the above, only like this you are going […]

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QAShido – The path of the tester. Virtue # 3 – Team management.

Reading Time: 5 minutesLink to QAShido – The path of the tester. Virtue # 2 – Quality advocacy and negotiation skills. Why is team management important skill for the testers? I believe this is natural  sequel for the previous topic and again very vital skill in the QA’s skill set. And in order to put it straight, this post is not about how to managing people, I really don’t intend to try to replace my manager, nor my scrum master or whatever. To […]

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