Some kick ass blog posts from last week #5

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Here’s the new portion of kick blog posts from last week:

  • This isn’t so much of a testing related, rather than tool related topic, but is a wonderful small chrome extension to use in order to mirror your android device on the screen. Great for presentations and workshops.
    Mirror your Android Phone on Mac/PC
  • Another great article on how to build lightweight Docker containers using the Alpine Linux distribution
    Building Tiny, Reliable Docker Container Images
  • Even better news, the Docker repo itself stated that the base image of all official Docker images will be moved from Ubuntu to Alpine Linux, which will downscale greatly the pull time and will make containers lightweight and elegant.
    Docker Official Images are Moving to Alpine Linux
  • Happy fifth birthday and  a great new January edition for the “Tea-time with testers” magazine. With great articles from Jerry Weinberg, as part of the series “Resting on agile laurels”, where Jerry speaks about success and how not to lose our velocity while moving up.
    Another great article from Albert Gareev on accessibility, that puts the emphasis on what we see, and what we don’t pay attention to, while testing our products and how accessibility could be often neglected, due to lack of understanding. And many others that will be of interest to you.
    Tea-time with testers – january 2016 issue
  • The January issue of Testing Circus is out full of great posts. One of them that really caught my attention was the Q & A on certification, written by Lee Hawkins,Paul Seaman, Rajesh Mathur. Really interesting and a great source of inspiration for my next article (spoiler alert ;)). Of course, great article by Ajay on Testing meetups and the benefits we can have of them, Selenium tutorial and many more.
    January 2016 Edition
  • From this week on, I will introduce another feature, that came by idea of a fellow blogger – Anton Angelov, I will list other round-ups that might be interesting to the readers of this blog. Starting with his own:
    Compelling Sunday – 22 Posts on Programming and Quality Assurance
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That’s it for this week. Good luck. 😉

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