Some kick ass blog posts from last week #7

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Here’s the new portion of kick blog posts from last week:

  • Alister Scott wrote a really useful post about testing email with cool tool called Mailsaur, if you ever wondered how to do that, you might wanna take a look at his blog:
    Testing email in e2e tests with Mailosaur
  • Interesting article by Maaike Brinkhof on the anchoring effect bias in testing. I’d say the post is really thought-provoking and interesting to read:
    MAAIKE BRINKHOF Mapping Biases To Testing: The Anchoring Effect
  • Awesome post by Rich Rogers on software testing terminology and in particular – functional and non-functional testing, two terms which carried ambiguous meanings for a long time.
    Functional or non-functional: does it really work?
  • Another interesting post by Bas Dijkstra on checking your checks and mutation testing – a concept that was new to me and made me research a little bit more about it. You can review the post here:
    Do you check your automated checks?
  • Knowing protocols and basic technologies in web is something that I always strongly recommended, that’s why I really liked that post from T.J. Maher on the history and basics of the REST API, strongly recommended to anyone who wants to develop strong IT domain knowledge:
    Introduction to REST APIs
  • Another pro Selenium tips portion from Anton Angelov with the 2nd part of his post Advanced Webdriver tips and tricks:
    10 Advanced WebDriver Tips and Tricks Part 2

Some other roundup series: 

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