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Hello, here’s the new portion of kick ass blog posts:

  • Software testing isn’t just a set of skills that we all read about in testing books and white papers, there’s a large variety of skills that we primarily don’t relate to testing, but might benefit our testing in a great way. Simon Knight made a great point about it in his post here:
    7 Things Awesome Testers do That Don’t Look Like Testing
  • Another great post by Michael Bolton in the series “Oracles from the inside out”. In this article Michael is talking about “conference” as a process in trying to reach shared understanding with the rest of the team. You can see the whole article here:
    Blog: Oracles from the Inside Out, Part 9: Conference as Oracle and as Destination
  • Another interesting and inspirational blog post by Simon Knight on writing a blog post. In it, Simon gives his view on a simple plan he follows when trying to write compelling content. You can see the full article here:
    Write powerful blog posts with this simple template
  • And if you are interested in the topic of how people are writing their great content, I encourage you to read Mike Talks’ article, which is inspired by the one Simon wrote:
    WRITING 106 – A scientific template for writing a blog article…
  • I love reading automation posts that aim to teach testers something new and new ways to improve their testing abilities and I am happy to say, Bas Dijkstra is always helpful in that matter. His recent post teach us how to write readable test code, something like recommended coding practices for testers. Which, in my experience is something that is often neglected. The full article you can read here:
    Three practices for creating readable test code
  • Great point from Katrina Clokie on making testing visible and letting other members of the team know what testing is actually about. You can review the whole post here:
    Use your stand up to make testing visible
  • Not to miss an important event “Dear Evil tester” by His Evil Testerness, Alan Richardson, is out, go and download it. By far I am like 10 % in it, really at the beginning, but I love the portion of dark, sarcastic humor that “Dear Evil tester” offers. I will keep you updated with my opinion on it. Until then, you can do it on your own:
    “Dear evil tester” on LeanPub
  • New issue of the testing magazine “Tea time with testers” is out. Don’t ask me what’s in it, I had no time to check it out, yet. Yes, I am human, laws of physics and time apply to me, too. 🙂 You can review the February issue here:
    Tea time with testers – February 2016
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Other roundup posts: 

Automate the planet’s – Compelling Sunday. 

That’s it for this week. See you next week! 🙂

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