What is software testing according to the “others”

Reading Time: 6 minutesI took a long break from blogging and the series of “what software testing is”, so before I go back to them, I would like to share my personal observations on some interesting facts. It’s actually related to what software testing is, but it’s sort of outsider’s view. It’s actually part of the reasons why I started the series what software testing is/not- the fact that opinions about testing are often shaped by people outside of testing. So, have you ever […]

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It’s official – I will speak at Romanian testing conference 2017

Reading Time: 1 minuteIt is already official my talk about “Test automation – the bitter truth” was approved for this year’s edition of RTC – Romanian testing conference which will be held May 10-12, 2017 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania You can find more information about the talk here: http://www.romaniatesting.ro/sessions/test-automation-the-bitter-truth/ And you can find the full program of the event here: http://www.romaniatesting.ro/program/ I see many familiar faces from the community world wide and I bet many more will attend, so if you plan visiting it, don’t be a […]

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The non-manual, unautomated tester

Reading Time: 4 minutesI’ve been struggling with the division of manual and automation testing, practically since I started testing – about 3 years ago. I’ve switched sides couple of times, probably sharing all the false expectations that people have even today, claiming to be on any of the both sides. After all I decided for myself that I won’t pick a side, that testing is something that’s above the approach that we use to perform it. Occasionally, I will speak with people and […]

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Software testing is.. part 1 – exploratory.

Reading Time: 4 minutesIt’s been a while since my last blog post, I took a long break for the summer, but I am still not done with figuring out what software testing is. Just as a quick overview of what happened until now, the basic idea behind all of that was that I am still seeing people being able to recognize what software testing is not, what doesn’t belong to software testing, but when it comes to define testing or describe what software […]

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Being the “one man army tester” – mentoring question

Reading Time: 7 minutesThis is another question that was received via the mentoring form on my blog and it goes like this: Message Body: Hi, I’m reading your blog every week it helps me a lot, i have a couple of questions which i hope to answer, first one: 1- In my current job i’m the only tester, i defined the processes from planning, design, execution and test closing, i perform manual testing and performing very little bit automation using selenium webdriver with […]

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Organic testing

Reading Time: 5 minutesNote: Before I start this, I want to share the story how it came to my mind. I was working on the Lightning talk – “The hidden wisdom of the testing troll” and I actually made it as a joke, using all the public buzz that all organic food offer. When I thought about it, testing is organic in it’s nature. So, I decided it’s worth it to split that topic in a separate post. It’s also worth it to […]

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Test automation – the bitter truth

Reading Time: 7 minutesRecently, I came across this awesome blog post by Mike Talks where he tells the story of his personal experience with test automation and all the false expectations that he and his team had about it, and it is really an awesome post, if you hadn’t read it, go do it now. And I really got inspired by it, I recently write a little post concerning automation and I figured out I had much more to say. I was really busy […]

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Software testing is not … easy to explain. Last part.

Reading Time: 5 minutesSoftware testing is not… Software testing is not … part 2. Software testing is not … part 3. Software testing is not… finding bugs part 4 Software testing is not … playing. Part 5 There it goes, finally I come to the final chapter of the series of what software testing is not. The topics that I choose to cover in it are: Software testing is not … set of predefined actions. I bet you and I am pretty sure […]

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Automation or manual testing – mentoring question.

Reading Time: 3 minutesI am happy to say, that this is the first question that came through the mentoring form on my blog. It has been a while before someone “takes the courage” to ask a question 🙂 So, once again people, if you have any questions – ask, I don’t bite, I am only trying to help. As I promised, I won’t use real names, so I will replace them with any that I made up. Here it is: Hello, I have […]

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Software testing is not … playing. Part 5

Reading Time: 3 minutesSoftware testing is not… Software testing is not … part 2. Software testing is not … part 3. Software testing is not… finding bugs part 4. Software testing is not … meant to add value I know this is controversial claim and many testers might object it. So, let me explain. This is my position on a silly claim that was trying to prove that human testing is not useful, because it doesn’t add value to the product, the way that […]

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