Results for State of testing 2016 survey are live.

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Hello everyone,

I was a contributor for this years State of testing survey. You might see the posts in social media and on my blog to go to the official site and fill in the survey. In case you didn’t, you can now go and see what you missed to be part of 😀

The state of testing survey is an annual survey that Joel Montvelisky and Tea time with testers magazine make and it is by far one of the valuable things that happen every year in testing. So, I think we really owe these guys a big thank you for the great job they do.

The survey itself provides tons of interesting facts that professionals in software testing shared from all over around the world. Stuff like:

  • What title does testers have in their company?
  • Size of testing teams?
  • How testing teams are distributed around the world?
  • What percent of tests are automated/unit tests/integration tests?
  • What are the percent of adoption of CI?
  • What testing techniques are used among testers?
  • What valuable lesson did they learn during last year?  And many more…

So, enough talking from me, you go see it on your own.

Download State of testing 2016 results here.



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