I will speak at Romanian testing conference 2018

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My talk “Automation vs. intelligence – “come with me, if you want to live”” was accepted and I will be having the honour and the pleasure to speak at one of the best events I’ve ever attended  – Romanian testing conference 2018.

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Credit goes to:https://romaniatesting.ro/

It’s funny that only a year ago, I haven’t stepped on a stage out of Bulgaria, for more than 5 mins. And now I will do my second talk in Romania.

It’s even funnier that 5 years ago I had no idea what software testing is and thought IT and programming is for people who know maths. And now I work in IT and I do programming. I still don’t know maths, in fact, I fucking hate it. 😀

It’s ridiculous that 11 years ago I got my first PC and I was afraid to install software on it, because I could “break” something. Now, I am able to troubleshoot my own servers and applications.

Romanian testing conference was my “initiation” on conference speaking and it’s such a cool event it definitely gives me a warm feeling to get back there.

</End of emotional rant>

Program, conference theme and conference chair

The theme of this year’s event is “Testing at the threshold” and it’s all about the new exciting stuff that happen in testing – automation, AI, blockchain, VR, cognitive bias, all of these and even more.

This year’s chair is the magnificent Alex Schladebeck, who gave this amazing talk at Testbash Germany, a great speaker and influential figure in the testing community.

The program is more than amazing – you can find it here – https://romaniatesting.ro/program/

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My talk

I will most likely write a teaser post about it, I do this every now and then, you know, little marketing stuff. 😀 But long story short – I got so fucking tired listening how the Divine AI will steal our jobs and wipe testing off the face of the Earth.

Every time I listen to presentations like these, they are huge percent bullshit and even bigger percent science fiction.

So, here’s my pragmatic take on the topic. I would like to know and discuss on three key topics:

  • Do we really know what is intelligence? Are we really creating intelligence?
  • Do we know what our actions mean, what is easily translatable in machine language?
  • If we were to compete with machines for our jobs, just like in the Terminator, what can we bring on the table? What is that we can say – this is something you can’t have, I am unique, because of it.

You can see the full abstract here: Automation vs. intelligence

You can also take a look at a recent post I wrote called: Beating robots down with your bare hands

Find me there.

It’s a conference and its main purpose is to confer with people.

I will be there for the full three days, workshops and conference day and I will most likely try to speak and meet everyone that I want to and I will fail. It’s just too many of them.

So, if you want to have a discussion, or an argument, or ask me a question, or have a beer or tell me I suck, in the face :D, don’t be shy come and have a chat, I would love to make some new friends and have an interesting discussion about testing or anything of interest with you.

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See you there!

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