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I am strong believer that the best way to learn is to teach other people and share your knowledge and I have short experience as a teacher myself, that’s why I decided to start this initiative on my blog.

What is free mentoring?

Mentoring is a common thing in IT and is basically a way to ask a more experienced specialist in the craft about all the things you don’t know. So, it practically means – you ask a question, I answer it for you.

Some of the areas where I have relatively good knowledge, based on my experience and I can help:

  • Transitioning to testing: Where do I start in learning testing?
  • Books, blogs, authors, community leaders: What resources should I use to learn testing?
  • My personal opinion on: Do I have to undergo certification? Which ones? (This one is a pretty slippery slope, you will get answers from “Sure, do it!” to “Hell, no, it’s a waste of time!”, depending on whose marketing you hit. That’s why I said, it’s my personal opinion, only)
  • Employment coaching: Turns out I am pretty good at interviews and people, especially new in the craft are scared to death by them. So, I can offer you some knowledge what to do at interview, how t prepare yourself, what kind of questions you might be asked and so on.
  • Exploratory testing: How to do it, how to document it in a meaningful way, how to make our bosses buy it as part of our testing deliverables?
  • Bug advocacy: How to improve my bug reporting? (I will normally ask you to log bugs here).

Private or public session.

I notice many people get shy when it’s about asking questions, that’s why I decided to offer two modes of mentoring you can pick below:

Public session:

You ask a question, I answer on the pages of my blog, any follow-up questions can be dealt with privately or in comments, as you wish. Your identity and email will be hidden, I don’t want you to be spammed by bots. Unless you insist, of course. 🙂

Private session:

I realize many people are uncomfortable and don’t want their questions answered publicly, so you can ask for private session via email, where your question and my answer will remain between you and me.

The “buy me a beer” challenge.

I am open for face-to-face mentoring, too and I prefer more informal atmosphere and I am a huge beer fan, so if you like to have a beer and talk about testing, please do so. The only thing is you have to be near my location(Sofia), or find me somewhere I am travelling. You can also try to “summon me” at one of the “Bulgarian software quality assurance” monthly meet ups, if I am not having a training in that very night. 🙂

So, that’s practically it, if you have any question related to testing and you want to ask me, you can do so in the form below.

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