Results for State of testing 2016 survey are live.

Reading Time: 1 minuteHello everyone, I was a contributor for this years State of testing survey. You might see the posts in social media and on my blog to go to the official site and fill in the survey. In case you didn’t, you can now go and see what you missed to be part of ūüėÄ The state of testing survey is an annual survey that¬†Joel Montvelisky¬†and Tea time with testers magazine make and it is by far one of the valuable […]

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On trolls and men. Summary of a lightning talk.

Reading Time: 5 minutesI had my first talk at a conference hooray! It was exciting, it was interesting and it was challenging for me. So, having in mind my inability to write short stuff and the way I always add more and more, my lightning talk preparation really helped me master¬†a new skill and not try to squeeze 30 min lecture in 5 mins. The conference is called QA challenge accepted¬†and is a local conference about software testing in Bulgaria, where I am […]

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Software testing is not…

Reading Time: 7 minutesSoftware testing is not ‚Ķ part 2. Software testing is not ‚Ķ part 3. Software testing is not‚Ķ finding bugs part 4 Software testing is not ‚Ķ playing. Part 5 Software testing is not ‚Ķ easy to explain. Last part. This post might be considered ¬†a follow-up to Outdated testing concepts, but with it I’d like to switch the perspective to a bit more general view. After the above mentioned series were published, I went through¬†a lot of feedback, comments […]

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Some kick ass blog posts from last week #11

Reading Time: 2 minutesHello, here’s the new portion of kick ass blog posts: Software testing isn’t just a set of skills that we all read about in testing books and white papers, there’s a large variety of¬†skills that we primarily don’t relate to testing, but might benefit our testing in a great way. Simon Knight made a great point about it in his post here: 7 Things Awesome Testers do That Don‚Äôt Look Like Testing Another great post by Michael Bolton in the […]

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Some kick ass blog posts from last week #10

Reading Time: 2 minutesHey¬†there guys yaaay 10 kick ass blog posts already, I can’t believe I did something 10 times consistently without failing at least once. Here’s the list of posts for this week: Jeff Nyman with a great post about WebDriverJS and the use of call backs and promises, really interesting if you are into JavaScript: WebDriver in JavaScript with Promises Great talk from Test Bash NY 2015 by Keith Klain¬† on the lessons learned on selling software testing. It is a […]

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Some kick ass blog posts from last week #9

Reading Time: 2 minutesHey there, here’s the new portion of kick ass blog posts from the previous week: Really amazing start of this weeks roundup and really good¬†post by James Thomas. It shows in a wonderful way how opposition in science and testing can drive us to reconsideration¬†of our positions and stating our¬†ideas more clearly. Definitely a must read: Bug-Free Software? Go For It! Another interesting post by Albert Gareev on accessibility testing and the fact that tools might only cover small part […]

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Test conf calendar page is live!

Reading Time: 2 minutesI’ve done some changes to my blog, as you might noticed. Besides the fact that I changed the theme, so it doesn’t look like my grandma made the design of it ūüôā I had the idea to make sort of page with all testing conferences I know and have their information and links to their websites, but it turned out it isn’t that easy. So, the idea was dormant for some period of time and now I finally figured it […]

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Some kick ass blog posts from last week #8

Reading Time: 2 minutesHere’s the new portion of kick-ass blog posts from the last week: Great post by¬†Michael Fritzius on continuous integration and how to prioritize our tests into portions, how to run them separately, in parallel and many other cool stuff: Automate Your Automation Interesting set of advises from Simon Knight on how to leave the comfort zone of being employed and dive into the deep dark waters of being self-employed: You Really Need a Rising Tide to Lift YOUR Boat? and […]

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How blogging can improve your testing?

Reading Time: 5 minutesI had recently my 3rd year of blogging, at least this is what wordpress claims. I had the idea to write some overview article for my experiences as a blogger, but I didn’t have the time recently. So, I decided now it is a good time to take break after the tough topic about outdated testing concepts and before I move to another topic. Here’s a short story, how blogging helps you improve as a tester… They made me do […]

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Some kick ass blog posts from last week #7

Reading Time: 1 minuteHere’s the new portion of kick blog posts from last week: Alister Scott wrote a really useful post about testing email with cool tool called Mailsaur, if you ever wondered how to do that, you might wanna take a look at his blog: Testing email in e2e tests with Mailosaur Interesting article by Maaike Brinkhof on the anchoring effect bias in testing. I’d say the post is really thought-provoking and interesting to read: MAAIKE BRINKHOF Mapping Biases To Testing: The […]

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