QAshido – The path of the tester. Virtue # 2 – Quality advocacy and negotiation skills.

Reading Time: 6 minutesLink to QAshido – The path of the tester. Virtue # 1 – Technical skills. Why are negotiation skills important? I don’t think it makes sense to put importance to the 7 groups of skills I mentioned, or as I called them virtues, they are all valuable, but I think being a good negotiator is one of the skills a good QA can not miss. Because soft skills and in specific negotitation skills are the thing that help us reach our goals […]

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QAshido – The path of the tester. Virtue # 1 – Technical skills.

Reading Time: 6 minutesLink to: QAshido – The path of the tester. Why technical skills are important? I think this is a pretty obvious one, that’s why I start from it, but I more often see testers believing or at least having a “good excuse” to pretend that technical skills and abilities are not essential for the job of quality assurance engineer. I won’t lie if I say I find this ridiculously wrong, we are working in the tech area and it’s near to […]

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QAshido – The path of the tester.

Reading Time: 3 minutesIntroduction. At first sight the title of this post might look a bit strange, but here is what’s the story. I really wanted to capture the skill set of a tester that I believe is the ultimate one, the one that causes the big “Wow” when people get to know you.And in first place it was an advice on what skills are needed if you want to get hired as a QA and have a successful career in the IT […]

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Testing is a mental process.

Reading Time: 4 minutesIt has been a while since I last had the time to sit and write a post here, so I guess I am now a bit rusty and hard to start, I have all these crazy ideas fighting in my head and it’s really hard to make them sit in their spot until their turn comes, or just until I have a clear vision of what’s it all about that I want to write for. I am already one year […]

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The state of testing 2013 – survey

Reading Time: 1 minuteThis is a great initiative of the guys from  Tea Time with Testers and  QA Intelligence to start a survey and gather all the software testers form around the world and who would like to participate to give their opinion on the topic of software testing and some important questions that all of us have ot deal with everyday. Some of them are: the challenges of software testing  the right methodology the right attitude how do salaries of software testers vary around the world I […]

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Quality means bugs

Scared bug

Reading Time: 4 minutesNo, not that little fellow, I mean software bugs 🙂 Introduction I’ve had a lot of conversations with co-workers on whether a bug should be logged or not, and I really enjoyed some very creative excuses on skipping the defect tracking part of the debugging process. I don’t know if it’s ego, or simply attempting to make the work less formal or fear but in my honest opinion it’s a huge mistake and it could pretty soon stab you in […]

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Software testing – Mythbusters style

Reading Time: 3 minutesThis idea came to my mind as a joke, I thought to myself “What if Mythbusters were software testers” and to be honest, the more I think of it, the more similarities I find between software QA job and the Mythbuster’s job. Of course not that QA’s are always trying to blow up and brake things, but that too. The main reason I find so many similarities is the process, the approach that Mythbusters use to attack the so called […]

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Error, fault and failure – what’s it all about?

Reading Time: 2 minutesSince I recently started my career as a QA I am still learning lots of new things. I wont lie if I say all the definitions from textbooks and ISTQB books still look a bit blurry to me. So every new breakthrough I achieve matters. Same case was with the definitions of “error”, “fault” and “failure”. At the beginning all these terms looked exactly the same to me, I thought “Why would anyone give a f**k what’s the definition, it […]

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