State of testing 2016 survey is LIVE

For one more year, the cool guys from and the Tea time with testers magazine took this wonderful initiative to make the state of testing survey.

State of testing 2016
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Why is the State of testing survey valuable?

In order to measure the level of development of our craft we need to make a stop sometimes and gather some data and analyze it, just like in everything else. The survey helps us benchmark our progress as a community and as specialists as well.

What data is gathered in the state of testing survey ?

To answer this question you could simply review the last years results and see for your self here:

State of testing 2015 results

You will see there’s literally tons of valuable information there that will be interesting to learn like:

  • How are testing professionals split around the world?
  • Average salaries
  • Commonly used processes, software development methodologies
  • What skills do testers find valuable?
  • How to testers learn new skills?
  • What percent of the tests is automated, or exploratory etc.

Where can I take the survey for 2016?

The survey is now live and available for you to take on the official site of its creators. To star it just navigate here:

State of testing survey 2016

or click on the banner above.

You can subscribe for a news letter once the survey is done and the results are available or become a collaborator and have early access and exclusive news.

Thanks and good luck!

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